Client Testimonials

We are always flattered when parties or lawyers, without being asked, take the time to write us nice letters acknowledging our efforts. Here are some of the kind words we have received over the years:

From a plaintiff in a disability discrimination case.

“During my recent pursuit of justice, I fortunately witnessed the highest level of professionalism. Your interest in and concern for the vision-impaired community will insure continued fairness in a society seemingly indifferent to the challenges of others. Your navigational skills and your outstanding demeanor helped transform a complex emotional state of affairs into a satisfactory resolution with closure. You have restored my faith in my goal that our judicial system will assure equal access for all. Thank you for your outstanding service and the privilege of working with you. You are a champion!”

From a mother in a probate/real estate dispute with her daughter.

“I just want to thank you for all your time and patience. I didn’t know what to expect in a mediation and with your kindness and gentle intervention you eased the experience. Thank you for patiently tolerating an emotional time for me. You’re very skilled in what you do.”

From a real estate broker in a professional liability dispute.

“My son and I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you did in achieving a settlement of our dispute. Your calm and upbeat demeanor and your professionalism were most impressive and obviously played a critical role in achieving the settlement. Thank you”

This was an email sent from an attorney to over 1,000 members of his attorney based organization.

“I had a very difficult corporate dispute among some founders that quite frankly, I didn’t think could settle. Doug Glass helped us with a difficult case, and some difficult personalities. Our mediation lasted 16 hours. That’s right, 9am to 1:30am the next morning! I doubt very much that many of the older mediators (and especially retired judges) would have hung in there for so long – either out of temperament or just plain endurance. At any rate, Doug proved himself once again to be the right choice.”

From a mediator attending an advanced mediation training seminar presented by Doug.

“Thank you so much for your presentation last evening. You provided so much information and insight in the course of that two hours. I truly appreciate your candor regarding the subject matter and your frank reflections regarding successes and failures that have shaped your mediation practice and your life. At the close of the meeting, I truly felt that I had a strong sense of who you are as well as your personal and professional values. Your manner and style clearly profiled qualities that I have rarely seen in recent times. I shall always remember your kindness in sharing your insights and the wisdom gleaned from your experiences. Thank you for your grace, humor, clarity, charity with your time, in sharing yourself, your dedication to the profession of mediation and the demonstration of the criticality of being who you are and letting that shine clearly through in every aspect of your work and throughout your life. I shall carefully consider and act upon the wise advice you imparted.”